Piano Trio in G-Phrygian

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  • Release Date: 26 Jun 2018
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With this upload you are all being offered a rare treat. I am proud to share with you a piece which I wrote and was performed by members of the Vienna Philharmonic. It was an incredible privilege for me to have worked with such talented musicians. I guess you could call this video my quasi face reveal, if any of you were interested in who I am or what I do.
I suppose this is my excuse for uploading infrequently, I’ve kind of been busy composing. The normal Video Essay format of this channel will commence again next month. The logistics that surrounded this concert kind of consumed all of my time in the last few months.

Further Information:
Piano Trio in G-Phrygian

Premiered by the Hedenborg Trio
Violin: Wilfried Hedenborg
Violoncello: Bernhard Hedenborg
Piano: Julian Hedenborg

Composed by Henry Wolfe Carradine

1. Allegro vivace [0:55]
2. Scherzo - Allegretto con spirito [9:45]
3. Andante con anima [16:58]
4. Rondo quasi un capriccio - Allegro con fuoco [22:32]

An enormous thanks to Julian Hedenborg who offered me the unique privilege of working with his brothers Wilfried and Bernhard Hedenborg, who are both members of the Vienna Philharmonic. It was more than just a treat to work with musicians of such a high caliber. It was an all around fantastic experience, to hear my music performed so professionally and seriously.

And finally a thanks to Klavierhaus G.I. Stingl for supporting and offering me Vienna's beautiful Bank Austria Salon for the premiere of several of my works on the 7th of June 2018.

Recording: Tonstudio C-Arts; Michael Waldegg and Harald Hajek

Camerawork: Ronny Kri

Sheet music available for purchase: http://henrywolfecarradine....